Business Analytics


Silvertone Analytics is a boutique consulting firm empowering clients to use data to drive their decision making process.

Data-Driven Consulting


Our team will comb through both internal and external data sources to uncover actionable insights into your business. We prioritize those actions that are simple and not time consuming but have the largest impact on your business. Once we have addressed the “low hanging fruit” we then move on to the next set of issues to address. We take a three step approach to our consulting services:

1. Discovery

  • Prepare Data/Start Tracking
  • Exploration of Existing Data

2. Optimization

  • Build specific campaigns based on initial discovery process
  • Create dashboards to track KPI’s that ensure campaign success
  • Course correct campaigns as new data insights emerge

3. Results/Re-Discovery

  • Present successful strategies and the strategic implications associated with their success
  • Leverage data for future marketing, product/service creation and customer service
data driven consulting
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