Product Line Review Presentation

A data driven product line review will help you close the deal. Product managers are increasingly leaning on suppliers to provide insights. Our product line review audit dives deep into the data and provides data informed recommendations on stocking and marketing tactics. This can be the difference between you or your competitor closing the deal.

plr data presentation
planogram heat maps

Planogram Heatmapping


Product managers are looking for a lot more these days and showing up with a series of spreadsheets will likely make their eyes go cross. Interactive dashboards that show product sale volume by location on the shelves is one of the many unique additions to your next PLR presentation.

Regardless of the big box retailers you are trying to reach, having an interactive dashboard showing historical sales performance, inventory planning, regional trends, and other deep data insights you’ve gathered will help put their minds at ease. Take a look at our sample tactical line review analysis below and let our team know if we can assist on your next big pitch.

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