Analytics For Agencies

Marketing agencies often have a lot on their plates. You are often the outsourced version of an internal marketing team, and therefore you’re responsible for coordinating a lot of resources and building out complex, high-performance campaigns. When it comes time to report on campaign performance, we’ve found that many agencies scramble to present data that effectively communicates a story that is easy for their clients to understand. Below is our approach to help streamline this process and make it easier for marketing agencies to report marketing analytics.

pre-built analytics dashboards

Pre-Built Analytics Dashboards


Our pre-built dashboards utilize some of today’s most common digital analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Salesforce CRM, and more. While these tools have a ton of great features out of the box, our team is able to quickly set up new goals, tracking, and other analytics configurations and pair them with campaigns you’re running for your clients. The dashboards are available on both an as needed and ongoing basis, can be automated, and are interactive, meaning you can filter results by variables like time, date, channel, geographic region, campaign, and more.

Ad-Hoc Marketing Dashboards


Pre-built dashboards are a great start if you’re looking to extend your teams bandwidth and add value to your campaigns right away, but often we find that agencies require additional customized reporting that is more specific to a particular client. View an example ad-hoc marketing promotion dashboard below.

sales monitoring
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