Supply Chain Analytics

Understanding emerging trends can have a profound effect on a supply chain. We help organizations understand these trends through visual analytics. An effective dashboard can help an organization address minor issues in real time before they turn into major problems. Has your inventory dropped below a threshold? With visual analytics we can quickly address when and where this is occurring and provide recommendations to quickly address the core issue.

More About Supply Chain Analytics


Demand planning is a very important part of managing a supply chain. With visual analytics, we can very quickly identify issues in this area on a scale that just cannot be replicated within excel. Once an organization really understands the seasonal nature of their business, they can plan much more effectively and optimize their purchasing decisions.

Understanding where sales are occuring can have a large impact on an organization’s overhead. Cutting back on stocking in low selling areas and reallocating that inventory to a high performance area means that the inventory cost will be lowered and the inventory sitting on the shelves will be getting a much higher ROI.

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