Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing companies run, live, thrive or die by how well they maintain and interpret their data. The main problem in this space however, is that manufacturers don’t use it. Below we’ll detail out the main areas we focus on to help improve transparency for VPs and C-Level decision makers to help them run their manufacturing companies more efficiently

supply chain dashboards

Supply Chain Analysis

Demand planning is a very important part of managing a supply chain. With visual analytics, we can very quickly identify issues in this area on a scale that just cannot be replicated within excel. Once an organization really understands the seasonal nature of their business, they can plan much more effectively and optimize their purchasing decisions.

Understanding where sales are occuring can have a large impact on an organization’s overhead. Cutting back on stocking in low selling areas and reallocating that inventory to a high performance area means that the inventory cost will be lowered and the inventory sitting on the shelves will be getting a much higher ROI.

Manufacturing Sales Analysis

Understanding when and where sales are occuring can have far reaching implications on a supply chain. For instance, if products are only moving during the summer time, inventory levels do not need to be high all winter long. Understanding the seasonal nature of this trend can save an organization’s hundreds of thousands in inventory holding costs.

manufacturing sales analysis
manufacturing marketing dashboard

Manufacturing Marketing Analysis

Understanding when and where items are being bought is important but so is the type of item being sold. Understanding that items are being sold in California during the summer is good but knowing the blue tables in the summer are being bought by females between the age of 35 and 54 is much more powerful. By studying buying behavior, we can have a much more informed decision around what we marketing to which demographics.

Manufacturing Price Comparison

The online marketplace is hyper competitive. Understanding your price point and feedback rating in relationship to your direct competitor can be there difference between staying afloat and going out of business. Our team can webscrape both of these key metrics on a monthly basis and provide pricing strategy recommendations.

manufacturing price comparison
product line reviews

Product Line Reviews

A data driven product line review will help you close the deal. Product managers are increasingly leaning on suppliers to provide insights. Our product line review audit dives deep into the data and provides data informed recommendations on stocking and marketing tactics. This can be the difference between you or your competitor closing the deal.

Loweslink And Home Depot Vendor Insights Dashboards

Our team has the ability to track key metrics on a recurring basis using Loweslink and HomeDepotLink. This recurring check in on the data allows an organization the ability to spot minor issues and address them before they turn into major problems. If a KPI seems off or is displaying something unexpected, we have the ability to dive deep into the data to address specific questions.

lowes link and home depot link
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