Impact Analysis


Quantifying the impact of a nonprofit can pose a significant challenge. You organization is helping people but tying that help to a specific dollar amount is not easy to do. With our impact analysis, we help nonprofits tie a specific dollar amount to their total impact while also highlighting the specific stories that make up that total dollar amount. It’s both an art and a science. The craft of telling a compelling narrative of the organization is just as important as the dollar amount of total impact.

impact analysis dashboards
non-profit impact analysis

Using Impact Analysis To Secure Future Funding


We build our dashboards around your target audience, often time that’s the funder. Diving deep into what they care about informs the structure of our visualizations and also what kind of data you collect. Think about the impact your organization has on the community at large and what kind of information your funders would most like to see to keep opening up their pocketbooks. Below is an interactive dashboard we built for the InsideOut Initiative and a 3rd party research company. They are using dashboards like these to help fund future research initiatives from the NFL Foundation.

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