Sales Insights & Discovery


Sales data is an excellent source of insights for an organization. A survey is nice but with sales data you have the opportunity to study behavior (not just self reported expectations of that behavior). Historical sales data can provide an organization with insights about when, where, what, and how consumers made their decision to purchase. These insights should be front and center in an effective sales organization.

sales data analytics

The purpose of conducting a data discovery for marketing analytics is to ensure that all marketing efforts are data driven. The key data source that we examine is sales data. We want to have an understanding of the how, where, when and what of sales trends. Once we find some good actionable insights, we work with the team to leverage these insights into effective campaigns.



How purchases are made is very critical to know from a sales perspective and should inform what the marketing effort prioritizes. In this example you can see that mobile is leading to the majority of sales.

sales data insights
sales data discovery



Knowing where sales occur can help focus effective marketing efforts. In this example a budget that targets all of the United States would be less effective than three separate campaigns that target California, Texas and North Carolina.



Knowing when buyers take action is very important as well. In this example you can see that purchases are clustered around late Friday and all day Saturday. This is the prime time to get your brand and sales copy in front of customers

sales data time
sales data category



Understanding what is selling and what is not can help the organization better understand their customer and where they are filling a need in the mark.

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