Tableau Sales Analytics Workshop

Get more in depth training in Tableau and learn how to turn your company’s raw sales data into actionable insights and visualizations. Our upcoming workshop will empower you with skills necessary to grow your organization or career in the field of data analytics. Sign up today!

Next Workshop: June 27th 6-8 PM @HQ Greensboro

Are you behind on your sales goals but don’t understand why?

This workshop will teach you how to uncover deep insights out of your sales data that will help get you back on top!

Your organization is collecting data on the what, when, where and how sales are occuring. Tableau empowers you to see the important trends that have a major impact on your business. An effective visualization can help trigger an “aha” moment that can make the difference between your organization making your quota and your organization falling behind.

How are you making your decisions?

If your decision making process isn’t incorporating data then you may be in trouble… chances are that your competitors are! In this age of information, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage data to better inform your decisions.

I strongly encourage you to click the sign up link below and join me. Let’s take your data out of the world of spreadsheets and into the world of data visualization which leads to data driven decision making.

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